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Advertising Tip #1

Use your vehicle.

One of the most unused advertising tips is by using your cars, trucks or vans to advertise your
Martial Arts shool.

If you think about it, you or your employees drive around for many different reasons.  If you have a sign or window sticker, you can attract many new potential clients without much effort.

All you need to do is put your company logo on a license plate or just place a window sticker at the rear of your vehicle.

Please make sure that your logo and contact information is clear and simple. You need to make sure to put this window sticker where it easily can be seen.

One of the benefits of advertising with you car is the potential tax deductions involved.

Hope I have been able to save you some money with this tips.

Martial Arts Graphics leads the way in the production of superb high quality graphics. All Martial images are painstakingly created in vector-based illustration program and are presented to you in EPS and PDF Format. That means they print crisply and sharply at your PostScript printer’s highest resolution. It also means that the images can be easily placed into your layout with almost any page layout program. And, you can freely customize the images with virtually any vector-based illustration program, like Illustrator, FreeHand or Corel Draw. You can even rasterize the images in Photoshop and then apply your favorite special effects!

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Martial Arts Graphics concept is simple: Professional images for professional results, from the elegant to the abstract. We have one of the best Martial arts images collections in the industry. And every images and clip arts is royalty-free. So create your design and then use it as many times as you want – on a single poster or a million advertisements. Rich in colours and content, has the perfect images for any project.  Your search is over.

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